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What kind of compressor do you carry on the van?

  • None, I drive an open-bodied pickup and don't want it stolen.

  • Tiny, less than 100$

  • Medium, good enough for all the leaks in my drains! ~300$

  • Large, Let's reroof this house!

  • Trailer

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I have 5,000 watt inverters on all my vans with 2 seperate 100 amp hour solar batteries running them. I have the small silver air compressors they are compact, quiet and small enough they are always on vans for test or flat tire if needed along with plug kits until they can get to a real tire store.

Slow to fill up water and gas test but always on truck so no "I forgot to put compressor on truck".

Last year I bought 2 ridgid 18volt battery compressors that use two 18volt batteries and they seem to be working and holding up well so far and even more convenient. May go to these if the others go down.
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