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A very good friend approached me today about starting a heating/ac biz.

Was asking for advise told him stay where he is employed. He is good at what he does but lacks a business owner way of thinking he's a do it when I feel like it guy not a real go getter.

He said I'm really good at what I do. Tell him skills don't make the phone ring. Money does, He just bought a home new baby wife unemployed now home maker. He is in no shape to start a biz and new baby needs health insurance and lacks the financing to open shop.

He has no tools bills up the wazoo. Told him you need to stay where you are now you leave fail and I bet you won't get your job back because you tried to compete.
I hope he listens to me and holds off try to save his money and try in the future.

Tells me I did it?
But had to make a big change move to an area where competition was lighter, All ready owned the tools low mortgage payment. Started out with business cards, local news paper talking to people in local business, flyers in Hardware stores and city sewer dept. took a year before placing a small ad in phone book still worked out of my pick up truck and ate ramen noodles to save for a down payment on a van when business picked up. Its hard work but he has to much to risk and to many bills I hope he listens.

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I hope he listens to you. It was the best advice he is EVER going to get.

Running a business requires much more than most realize. Our first year we worked our tails off. I didn't receive a paycheck and I am too embarrassed to post what we made the first year.

We paid our dues and we got through it because we had money in the bank to cover our bills. The stress does a lot of people in. It's no fun looking at each other wondering if the phone is going to ring or at the end of the day telling yourself tomorrow will be better.

Facing friends/family and trying to put on a happy face when the entire time you are thinking 'Are we going to make it? or 'Was this a pipe dream?' 'Are we crazy?'

It becomes a mind game keeping motivated and pushing forward. Very few can actually do it. My hats off to all small business owners.

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It's the story of my life.

I had a new baby with medical problems.

Had just bought a 100-year-old house that needed a lot of work.

Didn't have too many bills, but they still became a problem.

I can't say what I made in my first year - I can only say what I lost.

The only good thing is that the company I was working for shut down within a year or two. I would have been pounding the pavement anyway.

It's taken me a lot of years to even get the concept of running a business somewhat into my head.

For all those in business and all those contemplating starting one, I must insist you read Michael Gerber's "The E-Myth Revisited," and top it off with "The E-Myth Contractor." I recently re-read it, will read it again, should read it at least once a year to keep it fresh in my head.
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