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  1. General Plumbing Discussion
    Have a State Water Heater. 7-8 years old, natural gas, residential 40, FVIR. Complaint: Pilot and or gas going out intermittent, can be lit, but not each and every-time. Cleaned lint of screen at bottom of heater, as they were clearly dirty. Water heater has worked fine for the last...
  2. General Plumbing Discussion
    I'm replacing a lot of water heaters lately and I always ask the customer if they have kids or grandkids if they'd like me to cut the box so the kids can have fun with the box. I wish now that I would of done this sooner but these kids were having a blast with their new found toy. Just...
  3. General Plumbing Discussion Apparently the kid's skin was falling off them when they pulled them out of there. Horrible.
  4. General Plumbing Discussion
    I posted this at the Ridgid forum, and I thought it would be good here too: Yet another reason I am slowly transitioning to mostly drain-cleaning. Not only are water heaters being made worse and worse every year, but the cost keeps going up and up. Here in NC, it is supposed to be illegal...
1-4 of 4 Results