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  1. General Plumbing Discussion
    Based on your experience which water heater do you recommend? A.O. Smith or Rheem 40 gallon short gas water heater ? I'm very confused on which one to choose. Beside that do you recommend any other water heater?
  2. General Plumbing Discussion
    Anyone have any idea why I keep getting this thick Black Carbon Build-Up on Water Heater Burner and keeps cutting off my water heater burner? (see Pic)
  3. General Plumbing Discussion
    Friend of mine, operate his own plumbing business. He started his business the exact same year I started mine, 1976. For him lately, business has not been very good. He actually thought about closing his doors. Anyway, he gets a call for a leaking water heater last week. He goes to the...
  4. Plumbing Material and Products Honeywell. If you didn't know, they can be changed without turning the water off. I know many people on here don't like to replace gas valves due to tank issues. I will try to load some pics. These show the back plate that stays in the heater with dry well and the sensor.
  5. Residential Plumbing
    66 to 50 Gallon Electric Water Heater Problem This is a very 'involved' situation so I'll describe it the best way I can. Customer called, having issues with a 10 year old water heater with new elements, new upper/lower thermostats, heater still isn't heating water. I explain like I would...
  6. General Plumbing Discussion
    A.O. Smith $849.58 Let us know what your price is in your area.
  7. Commercial Plumbing
    Hello! I am gathering as much info as I can regarding the sizes of 2 electric water heaters for a commercial Meats and Produce store. Here is the info... South side of the building has 1 triple bowl kitchen sink, 2 hand sinks and 1 wash sink, about 40' from the water heater location. North...
  8. Residential Plumbing
    Hello, We are currently looking into the Rheem solpak systems for Solar Water heaters, they have been installed by the Electric Company through local plumbing contractors in my area. We have contacted Rheem, their rep service and the local building agencies about the requirements and codes...
  9. Plumbing Pictures
    I was really happy how this job turned out. Feel free to pick it apart.........I gots big shoulders. Noritz NR98 DV with LP conversion kits.
  10. General Plumbing Discussion
    Back in mid-2009 dunbar plumbing (known as roast duck at that time) posted some pics of a water heater with out of plumb heater connections at the top. I believe the cause of the failure was water hammer. Read here:
  11. General Plumbing Discussion
    Putting a water heater on a stand Or leaving it on the ground.
  12. Business, Marketing, and Sales
    Somebody got some free advertising that will bounce a ton of work for the kind act. Would you do this? Story and Video
  13. General Plumbing Discussion
    :whistling2:WTF??!?!??!?!??! :whistling2: It's been installed that way since 1920, working I know for some time, but I would "guess" where the piping 90's into the wall is the culprit. Just look at the deterioration of that wall and tell me that there isn't a huge pile of of...
  14. General Plumbing Discussion
    I was woundering what type & brand Solar Water Heater you would reccomend for my shop. I live in Central Florida and have a 28' x 45' roof side available. It is a metal roof & is properly supported (I over build everything). I was thinking a closed loop system into a exchanger tank but others...
  15. Plumbing Pictures
    Replaced a 19gal side outlet with this new top outlet. This mobile home had polybutylene pipe with grey fittings. I'm not sure if they are acetyl fittings or not but they look like it. The HO is the original owner and has never had even one leak. They are on chlorinated city water at about...
  16. Plumbing Pictures
    Once you lose the art, it's disappointing like a missed fart. Before I get free criticisms, Expansion tank will be strapped. those 3/4" DUF's have sleeves *plastic dip tubes inserted 2" into the dielectric nipples* to keep those unions from clogging up. Saaaaaweet. Customer...
  17. Residential Plumbing
    Still pictures are coming.
  18. General Plumbing Discussion
    This is a poll to determine how many plumbers do the service, repair, and warranty work on PowerVent model water heaters from the 3 brand mfgs.
1-18 of 18 Results