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  1. Plumbers Swap
    I have a situation I need the communities help. We used to have a tub which had a tiled frame around it. To our surprise when we remove it we fount this vent. We intend to put a free standing tub but need the vent pipe to be hidden. There is a header/beam in the way. I don’t want to cut into...
  2. Plumbing Code
    Hi, I'm installing an all new DWV system in a remodel. An inspector said that a 3" drain on a toilet requires a dedicated 3" vent. If I have a dedicated vent, doesn't the size seem excessive? I had in my memory that the vent for a dedicated water closet drain needs only be 1 1/2"
  3. General Plumbing Discussion
    I am designing a septic system for a house on a steep hill. The septic system will be down on the flat area of the property and would like to place the septic tank there as well for ease of maintenance and installation. The specifications along the pipe route from the two bedroom house to the...
  4. General Plumbing Discussion
    I have a basement bathroom with a toilet and sink vented together. (I don't see how the shower is vented, just the drain going into the slab). The 2 inch toilet/sink vent runs up through the 1st, 2nd floors, attic and roof. I would like to remove part of the wall on the first floor where the...
1-4 of 4 Results