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  1. Plumbing Tools and Equipment
    This photo is from an ad {Sprinter} in P&M. What kind of bit is in this drill?
  2. Plumbing Tools and Equipment
    Another heated up plastic tool. Made from a 1-1/4" coupling. After viewing the photos? Those days of pinching my fingers with channel locks on those pesky FluidMaster engineered nuts are over. Good tool (YES/NO) .
  3. Plumbing Tools and Equipment
    A couple of weeks ago I posted about a wrench to turn oval handels on ie: a Brass Craft stop, other handles on ie: boiler drains. Some replied about a Rigid Tool and taking out the metal inserts. Over the week end there was talk about bending plastic with heat, to make a 1/2" offset. It was...
  4. Plumbing Tools and Equipment
    Threw out an old radio, kept the antenna. Yesterday had a problem lighting a pilot on a gas water heater. Had the car no torch. Soooo I fixed it for the next time. That antenna came back to it's 2nd life LOL! Fully extended 32"
  5. Plumbing Tools and Equipment
    1 - 3'' 1 - 4" ... Internal cast iron soil pipe cutters about 35 years old anybody still have a use for these p.m. Me - - - photos available anybody just want photos post message
  6. Classifieds
    Vanguard Soft Touch Pex Crimp Tool 3/4" Model # HAR4ST Looking to sell (4) sets of crimpers. Brand new in the box. Will take $65 per pair. Comes with guage (if you need it). [email protected]
1-6 of 7 Results