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  1. Residential Plumbing
    Hello, I'm a consumer seeking a new toilet that ideally has a simple old-fashioned flap or "toilet kit" and most importantly one where the toilet does tank does not rock or wiggle when installed. It should be standard height, round seat. Am sick of these new fangled toilets! Tanks wobble...
  2. General Plumbing Discussion
    Would you leave a toilet rocking like that for your customer?
  3. General Plumbing Discussion
    Had a toilet overflow in upstairs bathroom yesterday and wondering if anyone has experience with one of these doohickees?
  4. General Plumbing Discussion
    The toilet bowl in the house we rent has these gray streaks coming down the back. They have formed over the last seven years we've lived here. It looks like some sort of mold to me. I have tried emptying the bowl and shutting off the water and soaking them in Clorox, then scrubbing them with...
  5. Commercial Plumbing
    i'm at my wits end here! i am trying to deal with these ancient shut off valves in the ladies bathroom that are of the type that can only be shut off with a flat head (some call them standard) screwdriver. no lever or tap to turn. i'm assuming they were installed at the birth of the bathroom 35...
  6. General Plumbing Discussion
    Customer called, done work for them for years, I think the wife is pissed that I mentioned something "not" good about their product choice, which is a kohler cimmarron round front toilet. They do not want a elongated. I installed a Kohler Wellworth for them years ago but they do not want that...
  7. Plumbing Code
    Hi, I'm installing an all new DWV system in a remodel. An inspector said that a 3" drain on a toilet requires a dedicated 3" vent. If I have a dedicated vent, doesn't the size seem excessive? I had in my memory that the vent for a dedicated water closet drain needs only be 1 1/2"
  8. General Plumbing Discussion
    This "can" be done: You all have seen the Dolphin toilet, and I think that will become a part of the equation. That's progress. Here's what I want to do in direction of toilets, myself as a contribution to the history of plumbing as it is known for its advances in its progression. I...
1-8 of 8 Results