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  1. General Plumbing Discussion
    So I’ve bought a house that’s being remodeled and I was curious to see the progress before it’s really done. I noticed that one of the bathrooms has a small closet now that’s hiding the gas tankless water heater. I tried to get answers asking if that’s even safe but hard to find. it’s a 7GPM...
  2. General Plumbing Discussion
  3. Boilers, Hot Water & Steam Heating
    Hey all, I'm up here in metrowest Mass. with a customer interested in the Rinnai combi. I recently saw it at a local trade show. Its another of the combi type with a flat-plate heat exchanger stuffed in the bottom corner. Nice unit, but kind of pricey.. Comes with low loss factory header...
  4. Plumbing Pictures
    I was really happy how this job turned out. Feel free to pick it apart.........I gots big shoulders. Noritz NR98 DV with LP conversion kits.
  5. Green Plumbing
    Well, here is the new GREEN plumbing section. Since I sold the plumbing business, I have been working on some other projects. The main one I am working on is a new water heater information website called :thumbup: It is still a work in progress, a lot of content to...
1-5 of 5 Results