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  1. Residential Plumbing
    My shower has been leaking, but I can't identify the brand of this 2 handled shower install. I need to determine what type of thermostatic and isolation cartridges I need for the temperature and volume controls. Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. Plumbing Material and Products
    Hi all. I am moving from a three valve system to a single valve but the issue is the three valves arent side by side. I have a hot and cold tub valve and then three feet up a centered shower valve. The plumber at my house is saying in order to cover the holes created by removing the hot and cold...
  3. General Plumbing Discussion
    Every monsoon I face this issue with the way my apartment is built the moisture bombards my washroom and as a result the shower door just doesnt remain as shiny as I want it to be. But I happened to just came across this article that suggests using shaving cream (among other things) to keep the...
  4. General Plumbing Discussion
    I am a little stuck so any guidance would be great. Try to replace the plastic piece inside because only hot water comes out. This looks like a very old shower head and when I popped the handle off I could not get this sleeve off in the middle. I'd didn't know if I should just twist harder with...
  5. Classifieds
    Can I get some advice on how to install a shower with the drain this close? Would I cut into the wall and have the shower partially inside the wall frame?
  6. Residential Plumbing
    Ok, I haven't seen one of these before. I have a home owner redoing their tile in shower. Its a step down shower that is also a huge tub! It currently has a lift and turn drain stopper but I cannot find any name on it. I need to replace the shower drain but after searching for hours, I cannot...
  7. Plumbing Pictures
    Will probably replace the whole thing, but have to try... :eek:
  8. Residential Plumbing
    So I took over this job. (Big Mistake) The Shower has been tiled and all that was left to do with the shower was to install the Kohler Valve Trim. However...the mixer valves (2) were not set correctly and they are sticking out too far. When the valve trim is installed, there is still 1 1/4...
  9. Residential Plumbing
    I am having a problem with the shower diverter in my apartment. HAve contacted land lord and he said he would send someone out, well that was 4 months ago tired of waiting. Here is the setup. Its a 3 knob shower (hot, Cold, Diverter knob in middle) When I turn the knob to divert water to the...
1-9 of 9 Results