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  1. General Plumbing Discussion
    I am a little stuck so any guidance would be great. Try to replace the plastic piece inside because only hot water comes out. This looks like a very old shower head and when I popped the handle off I could not get this sleeve off in the middle. I'd didn't know if I should just twist harder with...
  2. Residential Plumbing
    This is an American Standard (All-in-One Temp) Shower Control. Please tell me how to find the product number, and take out the cartridge. All this tenant is getting is cold water from the shower, the temp control no longer works. Thank you in advance for your help and advice.
  3. Residential Plumbing
    I have a customer that has a five Bath Home they want to up grade the look of their 23Yr old push pull moen handles, since they have small glass tile work around and do not have any replacement. They want to keep the old valves. Any Suggestions. They would prefer a handle style in brushed...
1-3 of 3 Results