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  1. Residential Plumbing
    I've just joined the forum but noticed it's American so I'm hoping I can still get help here for a British sink waste pipe that I just need to ID so that buy a new one to replace it. Also for bonus points, can anyone guess what caused this strange burst that broke it?! [
  2. Boilers, Hot Water & Steam Heating
    In my home I have a Crown Free-port boiler. It is piped with a primary loop, with a return circulator on that loop. The loop feeds radiators. baseboard and radiant. All thermostats when calling for heat start injector pumps through an Asco 866 DP. Problem is the primary loop does not...
  3. Residential Plumbing
    American Standard faucet -- Heritage series, before Aqua seal. I have one in a lavatory in my basement. It's old but is a good faucet. Now it started to drip, so I went to repair it. New washers, new seats, new O-rings and new bibb screws. Put it all back together and it leaked worse than...
  4. Plumbing Pictures
    Well I posted a few pictures of this in the random picture thread. So here is the deal. A thrift store that has a side driveway dock area where the truck pulls along side the building and loads/unloads from a side door. So this drive way takes a dip in the middle so the door will line up with...
  5. Looking For Work
    I am a Licensed Plumber with insurance. Have all the tools a plumber will ever need. I live in Northeast / Ohio. 7 years experience plumbing / 3 years prior on commercial boilers I have other experience as well... Many years as a mechanic and remodeler. I have flexable hours and rates...
1-5 of 5 Results