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  1. For Sale PEX brass new

    I've got about 200 lbs of new brass PEX stuff all types (gas sprinklers plumbing) mostly plumbing my stepdad passed and he left it behind any serious offers would be considered the retail on it is well over 15 k a lot is loose but all brand new good stuff all useful msg me if interested too much...
    $10,000 USD
  2. Plumbing Material and Products
    Have you noticed some faucet manufacturers have much longer plastic supplies on their faucets? There is a reason for it. I'll provide the answer if no one gets it.
  3. Classifieds
    Vanguard Soft Touch Pex Crimp Tool 3/4" Model # HAR4ST Looking to sell (4) sets of crimpers. Brand new in the box. Will take $65 per pair. Comes with guage (if you need it). [email protected]
  4. General Plumbing Discussion
    i hate to ask this...if there's no grounding for the electrical panel with pex, what's to ground to? should i have a electrical contractor included in the repipe charge to install the 2-grounding rods & new ground wire from the box? we also need ground wires from H & C to the gas at the water...
  5. Plumbing Pictures
    Replaced a 19gal side outlet with this new top outlet. This mobile home had polybutylene pipe with grey fittings. I'm not sure if they are acetyl fittings or not but they look like it. The HO is the original owner and has never had even one leak. They are on chlorinated city water at about...
  6. General Plumbing Discussion
    Kitec piping has created alot of work for companies that specialize at repiping houses. Vegas water has alot of minerals in it which contributes to the fittings failure. The Kitec fitting system is flawed and 10s of thousands of Las Vegas homes have been repiped because of this. Construction...
  7. Pex

    Plumbing Material and Products
    I don't use the stuff but, this puzzles me. Who would want to lose all that wall space of the mounted manifolds and associated spaghetti? How does one run a whole house on a 3/4" pex line when the effective opening of the fittings is closer to 1/2" if I was guessing? In my particular state...
1-7 of 9 Results