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  1. Off Topic (Non Trade) Mixed reviews by watching the video. If I was in the position it would be worth it to buy 1000 shares at its introduction, then sell off if you can find its peak. I'd have a beautiful retirement plan right now if I would of...
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    Drain call I did 8:30am this morning. Fellow posts his opinion afterwards, numerous 'like' the post 2 customers mentioned they've used or really liked our service. A huge thank you to Dunbar Plumbing for saving the day at my shop. Ever need any plumbing done, give them a call...
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    You know when you're wasting time and you find a picture that just deserves a caption? This thread is dedicated to pictures you find on the internet, first created that deserve their own caption. I found this picture today and had to create the imfamous design of simple observation with...
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    Come home with that on the end of your cable, see what the wife will say hmmm???? A non-plumber posted this on facebook today.☜☜☜☜☜
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    Somebody got some free advertising that will bounce a ton of work for the kind act. Would you do this? Story and Video