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    I have a situation I need the communities help. We used to have a tub which had a tiled frame around it. To our surprise when we remove it we fount this vent. We intend to put a free standing tub but need the vent pipe to be hidden. There is a header/beam in the way. I don’t want to cut into...
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    There is plumbing roughed in for a 2nd bathroom. There is room to put a tub in, but the drain is 17" from the studs on the short wall (where the 30" tub width would go) and 15" from the studs on the long wall (where the 60" side would go). This is frustrating because aren't most tub drains about...
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    Can I get some advice on how to install a shower with the drain this close? Would I cut into the wall and have the shower partially inside the wall frame?
  4. Residential Plumbing
    Ok, I haven't seen one of these before. I have a home owner redoing their tile in shower. Its a step down shower that is also a huge tub! It currently has a lift and turn drain stopper but I cannot find any name on it. I need to replace the shower drain but after searching for hours, I cannot...
  5. Residential Plumbing
    This was a pretty sad story. An older couple had an RO System installed by one of the big box home improvement stores and after a few months water kept coming from the hole in the side of the RO faucet. They contacted the store which sent out a company that installed a new system, within a few...
  6. Commercial Plumbing
    Hello All! I've searched for quite a while on ways to support the copper indirect drain pipe connecting the 3 bowls of a commercial triple bowl kitchen sink. All Bowls have a trip lever drain and either connect to the copper with a 1-1/2" nut and ferrule straight into the trip lever drain...
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    The is a Mini Rooter sink drain machine. It also has seen minimal usage. I have it for sale locally for $300. Please call me at 8643049347 or email at [email protected]
  8. Looking For Work
    I am a Licensed Plumber with insurance. Have all the tools a plumber will ever need. I live in Northeast / Ohio. 7 years experience plumbing / 3 years prior on commercial boilers I have other experience as well... Many years as a mechanic and remodeler. I have flexable hours and rates...
  9. Plumbing Code
    Hi, I'm installing an all new DWV system in a remodel. An inspector said that a 3" drain on a toilet requires a dedicated 3" vent. If I have a dedicated vent, doesn't the size seem excessive? I had in my memory that the vent for a dedicated water closet drain needs only be 1 1/2"
1-9 of 9 Results