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  1. Residential Plumbing
    I do believe me and houseplumber have had a few discussions about using brass compression fittings on cpvc. This is a great example why it shouldn't be done. The videos may take 1/2 an hour to process so check back in a bit if they don't load.
  2. Residential Plumbing
    Seems like I'm getting one every week now. Seeing as how Polk county is absolutely ate up with cheap cpvc piped homes, it's a great place to be a service plumber who specializes in leak location and re-piping :thumbup: Note, the blue glue was from the HO when he changed the water heater...
  3. Plumbing Material and Products
    If you had to crawl through a tight attic with water lines running on top of the bottom cords of the trusses, which material would you be more scared to have to crawl over? A: 15 year old polybutylene tubing with brass fittings and copper crimp rings? or B: 15 year old CPVC tubing of any...
1-3 of 3 Results