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ball valve

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  1. Plumbing Material and Products
    Hello, does anyone know where I can find either a 100% copper ball valve (no brass or bronze), or a zero-lead alternative? It will be used for baby's/children's water toys, so I don't want the risks of allowing any lead in the water. I have seen stainless steel ball valves but I'm not sure if...
  2. Plumbing Material and Products
    Which one do you use? Why?
  3. Plumbing Pictures
    Once you lose the art, it's disappointing like a missed fart. Before I get free criticisms, Expansion tank will be strapped. those 3/4" DUF's have sleeves *plastic dip tubes inserted 2" into the dielectric nipples* to keep those unions from clogging up. Saaaaaweet. Customer...
1-3 of 3 Results