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Your Week was better than mine
This week we were doing some ground work in a building. I have been using these for 15 + years now. I am good at running these. I was straddling the trench trying to get one last piece of some concrete that was underground loose so I could get on with the ground work and get out of there...Well the machine grabbed the concrete but the concrete didn't move and the machine slid and went over... I actually managed to get it upright and start moving out of there when some ground gave way and she went back and over.. Diesel was pouring out on me from the gas cap and it was a mess. I had my seatbelt on as always... The big bossman wasn't pissed. It just goes under "**** Happens"....This was NOT A GOOD WEEK... I can say for certain.. TAKEUCHI MAKES A GREAT MACHINE...IT RUNS VERTICALLY OR HORIZONTALLY.....
P.S.- Yes My Pride stings....a little..
This is what the machine looks like in the upright position
Thanks God for the rental insurance
IMG 5237
IMG 5236
IMG 5235
These Takeuchi Machines are incredible..They even run on their side.... Seriously...INCREDIBLE..
A lot of those dings will Buff right out...
Found some Crack Spackle in the basement of a building in Downtown Richmond so we decided that this picture would be pertinent.. I LOVE DIGITAL...

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