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response to customers statement well then if you didnt like his opinion then why did you pay him? also if you go to a second doctor, for a seond opinion to you pay him, or does he do it for free just because YOU FEEL THE OTHER DR WAS WRONG? you dont want to pay a plumber but youll pay some quack doctors when plumbers have saved more lives throughout history than any doctors combined.

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Originally Posted by txdraindoctor View Post
see tango you have me and debo telling you the same thing. and hes 100 correct. thats the whole issue with plumbers and plumbers/technicians. it takes some practiceto come up with your own approach/ sales technique. but if youre on a stoppage call, is it really any work to grab a little 3-5lbs. camera off the truck and throw it in the line. another thing the more you use that camera the better you'll be at truly understanding what it is your looking at. i promise you this you master that camera and moniter, you will EASILY!!! triple your revenue. there more to it than looking for a root penetration, a belly, collapse those are the obvious, where you really get good is when you can notice the pipe and fittings under stress from soil expansion and contraction, or be able to find a fitting thats leaking below slab and the system isnt noticeably broken. or you clear a stoppage then run camera to find out why it stopped up. you dont see an obvious reason. but me and debo would catch it. and its a fitting thats the cause. can physically see but based the amount of waste build up on that fitting both top,bottom,and sides, but everything downstream pipe is clean as usual, move past that fitting, and the pipe also has lots of build up also. making that fitting the front of the train, takes time but eventually youll get so good for instance one of your plumbers in the field calls he running the camera and you listen as he explains what he is seeing each step of the way, and you help him find the root cause of blockage. sure our cable machine unstop a line but is it a long term fix or is it short term solution for long term issue. another thing that camera do, it will help you upsale hydroscrubs, aka jet jobs. and yes there is a difference between the 2. jetting a line simply put is using the jetter in place of the cable machine. where as HYDROSCRUBBING. is exactly as its name states. its using hydro pressure to scrub the line free and clear of all build up from many years of use. or customer has major belly. youve been going out there about every 6months. you finally run the camera and there it is the mother of all mothers of bellies. you already cleared the line. now you can show customer WHY!!! its happening. and you show all the solid buildup collecting in the belly. see now you just got the customer involved in the process, hes already began to trust you because you just did something no other PLUMBER has done before (RUN THE CAMERA) (PHYSICALLY SHOWED HIM NOT TOLD HIM) AND YOU DIDNT CHARGE A DIME for an extra 15-20 minutes of your time. his next statement will be something like WOW that a pretty camera you got there. then his next question will probably be well how do we fix it to where this doesnt happen again. and thats when you give him an estimate for hydroscrub, 15ft spot repair, or a full line replacement. most of the time they go middle of the road. that camera needsto become your sidekick aka american express. just ask debo for his opinion. look i see this a way to truly seperate yourself from the others. you work at it hard enough. those other local plumbers will call you to come do a video inspection for their customers. i do it all the time here for other local plumber. and in return i dont take food off their tables. their customers ask me all the time how much would i charge to fix it. i tell them point blank. this is something their capable of fixing. but if it was under the slab thats my domain. been working together with these other plumbers and their customers for years

I don't dig outside and I don't want too. Leave the 6-8' backhoe trench for others. I also won't break concrete in the entire basement to repipe. A spot repair is okay and I do it occasionally where the fitting cracks at the floor level. I'm a one man show doing small jobs. I don't want employees, a secretary, an estimator etc. I don't want to get involved in hiring an excavator who won't show up or create more damages. They can take on stresses of earning big bucks and sometimes the lawsuits, complaints an whatever other troubles that comes along with the territory. My niche is being nimble, doing service work others think it's dirty and brings in chump change. I'll take it because...

If you want to work 7 days a week and late nights making tons of money that's fine but you won't have time to enjoy the toys. I enjoy my toys. I'm not waiting till I get to 50 years old to get diagnosed with cancer or something.
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i have a rigid camera 100ft its work great but it was like $5000, i have been doing a lot of drain cleaning and it has help a lot . I charge 250 for 1/2 hr. camera work I let them up front before I head out. if they don't like the price call some one else
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