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Default New Trends in Plumbing Technology

Conserving water is increasingly important to customers in the plumbing industry, especially in parts of the country likely to be affected by water shortages or drought. Increase your bottom line as well as your standing in the green community by recommending water-saving technology to all your new clients. These new products are more environmentally friendly because they help to conserve water, saving money as well as helping the water table.

New Greywater Technology

Greywater is the stuff that runs down your shower drain and sink drains; not quite clean water, but not completely useless when it comes to other water needs in the household. Greywater technology recycles the greywater and allows the consumer to use it a second time before sending it down the drain. By using greywater for uses such as watering the lawn and flushing toilets, homeowners can save money and conserve water at the same time.

Smart Irrigation

You’ve heard of smart houses, homes that take care of mundane tasks all by themselves. Smart irrigation does the same thing in the outdoor property. While most irrigation sprinkler systems are connected to a timer that ensures even watering, smart irrigation goes one step further. They’re connected to a weather station that keeps an eye on the possibility of rain in the forecast. If rain is predicted or already falling, this smart tech turns the sprinklers off, preventing that common sight of lawns being watered by two sources at once.

Brain Pipes

The worst water damage often happens from small leaks, because they can go undetected for a long time before being repaired. Brain pipes are a new type of water pipe that can detect where a leak occurs and send a message to the homeowner, warning of impending damage. These smart pipes can help stop big problems by allowing repairs to be made before the problem becomes a massive issue. They’re also great for preventing mold problems or water damage issues.

Tankless Water Heaters

While not a new technology, environmentally aware people are making these heaters more popular because they save power and water at the same time. Instead of holding dozens of gallons of pre-heated water at all times, tankless water heaters heat the water as it’s needed. They heat the pipes the water flows through, eliminating the need to store and constantly warm water even when it’s not being used.

Touchless Fixtures

Customers are not only more environmentally conscious these days, but many of them are also becoming more germ-conscious. Touchless fixtures were once only featured in high-end restaurants and other public areas, but now they’re available for home use. Toilets that flush when you stand up, faucets that run at the wave of a hand and light fixtures that turn on when you enter a room all allow people to use a bathroom with fewer chances of spreading germs. As a bonus, these fixtures require far less maintenance than traditional designs, making them less expensive to use over the life of the fixtures.

It’s likely you’ve gotten more customers lately who are concerned about the environment. What are you doing to take advantage of this market?

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~ BRAIN PIPES ~ Seems like a legit sales pitch but try tracking it down for info.
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yeah I got a pipe with a little brain in it...sometimes you listen to the little brain over the big brain and you got some troubles...and the little brain lets me know when to take a leak little fella...
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