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Originally Posted by Tango View Post
Lot's of issues with all those green ideas.

Tankless :
You need to go back to school, pass the gas contractor licence on top of your plumbing , more licence fees, more fees, more insurance fees, bigger truck, more fuel for the truck, then you burn fossil fuels to operate the tankless, etc. Costs more to retrofit. While electricity for us is renewable and not as polluting. Not so green after all....

Recycling :
Old abs pipes full of crap aren't recycled, pex either. Only copper and brass are recycled so I can buy a pizza at the end of the year.

Going digital
Not so good in my book with all the hackers who'll delete your files or ask a ransom? When the government comes to audit you you can't say sorry I've been hacked all my files are gone. Good luck with the fines you'll get and accusations of fraud.

Solar :
Solar heat or solar electricity is a joke, You'll never recoup the costs compared to hydroelectricity and those panels break down. Anyway in my area going solar is a scam, fool's gold.

People won't pay more for a system to recycle that water and if you think of it with so many people taking pills and meds that they'll end up in the soil and leeching back to our drinking water supply and killing the fish. Cities has a huge problem with all the meds in the water going to the rivers.

Going Leed is a money cash grab for those who designed it. And you are going to get only one granola client after you lost all your money.
Agree with most of that. I recycle religiously at home, mostly because I hate waste, so if paper can be reused, all the better. I hate that all the plastic we use will be around until the end of time, so try to recycle all that as much as I can. It does bother me that all of the pex and PVC we use will also be around forever, but what else can I do? At the end of the day I have to worry about making my living, and everything else that goes along with life, so I have to concede that I can't save the world.

I do also try to be somewhat conscious, like buying salad mix in bags instead of plastic clamshells, etc. I never realized just how much of an impact that little thing has, until we had family staying with us for a week, who are absolutely not environmentally concerned at all. The amount of plastic waste that they generated from prepackaged food alone was amazing. And speaking of those clamshells, I hate them. Maybe if we had stricter shoplifting laws, the retail industry wouldn't need to use them as much.

Proof that a lot of the green movement is money grabbing BS was brought home to me recently when my local government run transfer facility decided to stop recycling a lot of the different types of plastics that they used to. Previously they were fond of threatening all kinds of repercussions for those caught not recycling, and loved to use the environment as their reason (excuse). Now that China no longer buys recycled plastic from us, the station now puts it in the trash, because they don't make any money off it. So much for big brother looking out for our environment just because it is the right thing to do.

And who writes these articles anyway? What about a real energy saver that actually works, a simple thing like using a timer on electric water heaters? I had one when I had a property with an electric heater and it made a noticeable difference in my bill. I recommend them to customers all the time. Since it requires them to hire an electrician, most never do it, but if asked I'm sure that they swear up and down that they do everything they can to protect the environment.
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