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Originally Posted by skoronesa View Post
I don't usually worry about the little ones, smaller than like 30 lbs, I can easily punt those.

"I can easily punt those" that's epic!
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My boss would get furious when people would leave their door unlocked for us to go inside and i'd show up and there's a snarling dog on the other side of the glass and I'd refuse to go in.

This one time in particular I remember calling him to let him know it was a no go because of the dog and he says "They said it was a nice dog." (of course he never mentioned it to me before I went there) and I reply, it sure doesn't look nice or appreciative of me being anywhere near the door.

He then proceeded to scream F U C K into the handset and hung up on me.

The one time I had a major issue the tenant wasn't at home and they left the front door standing open. I had no idea they even had a dog, and I barely made it onto the landing and that dog was out the front door and luckily caught my loose pant leg.

I love dogs, but I don't mess around at all anymore unless they are home to introduce me to the dog.
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Originally Posted by Tango View Post
"I can easily punt those" that's epic!

Their are some people that just dont get it and let their dogs
go absolutely nuts barking at you

my father and a helper were on a job and this lady let her little dog bark at their feet the whole day that they were working on the project......
she took off for a while and the little turd finally bit my dad on the ankle....
he hauled off and kicked that dog right in the a-hole and the dog went flipping end over end a few times in the air.....
then after that he was all quiet and actually wimpered and tried to be freindly..
the lady came home and wondered why her dog had settled down

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Had a Dachshund, calmly watch me go through the home twice sorting things out. Third time coming in with both hands full. He went from the couch to the floor, to my ankle and back on the couch again.

Little Sh*t. I love dogs, could care less about cats. Never a bad idea to protect yourself, the animal and home owner though.
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