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Default 6 Upgrades for Plumbing Jobs

Plumbers, like so many other business owners, often spend a lot of time trying and money to find new leads to keep the work coming on a consistent basis. Did you know that you don’t always have to bang your head against the wall hunting new customers or hoping for referrals? You have a third option; you can upsell clients while you’re working in their homes.

Isn’t it unethical to do that? Or at least, really seedy? Absolutely not. If your customer has a real need that’s not being met and you can see there’s a problem brewing or one already in progress, you’re going to save them a lot of money in the long run by being proactive about repairs and upgrades.

A Few Upgrades Many Homeowners Need

The sky’s the limit on what you can upsell, but the most important thing is that you must present options that your clients actually will use. This requires a combination of actively listening to their plumbing concerns and using your judgement as to the state of the plumbing system that you find. Often, convenience items that make life easier are worth every penny to people who never knew they even existed.

Here are a few easy upgrades to suggest (when appropriate):
Garbage disposals. Old garbage disposals are notorious leakers, leading to under cabinet damage that may go unnoticed for a long time. If you realize you’ve got your hands on a disposal that’s putting on some age, it’s smart to suggest that it be replaced before it causes real damage, especially if it’s already leaking a small amount.

Pot filling faucet. These may have lost their original popularity, but they’re still wildly useful. Even if your customer isn’t interested in a separate faucet for pot filling, a taller faucet could solve common household cooking problems.

Upgraded shower head system. Older people and people with disabilities can have serious struggles with reaching all the nooks and crannies that the human body has to offer. Even though the fancy multipart showerhead systems are often spotted in spas and high-end hotels, they can help people of all ability levels get more out of their shower experience.

Dishwashers. They’re not sexy, but when a homeowner moves from using a 1980s model dishwasher to a midrange modern dishwasher with lots of extra oomph and a food disposal to boot, they’re going to feel some things. Imagine not having to ever pre-wash the dishes again!

Deeper sinks. Too many houses have sinks that aren’t deep enough to get much accomplished, even though contractors love to put them in because they’re inexpensive. A homeowner can, theoretically, install a new sink, but there’s a lot more than they generally realize involved, making it a great upgrade to come from their friendly neighborhood plumber.

Drain clean-outs and water shut-offs. Older houses are terrible about clean-outs and shut-offs, so make sure you take note of where these are located, if they exist at all. The more narrow drain lines will need more help over time, and who wants their yard dug up over and over again or to have to spend extra money to pull a toilet every time there’s a root in the line? The same goes for shut-offs. It just makes sense to have them, so water can be used in the rest of the house if a sink or toilet goes rogue.
What do you do in a home when you notice there’s a needed upgrade that’s being ignored? Tell us about some of the more popular items you upsell.

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It's not upselling you are talking about but cross selling.
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Cool real good points things we know but need to be reminded. I dont like to push but a subtle pointing out of things needed are part of service and looking out for the customer
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I hate that word upsell. It smacks of the sleazy used car salesman, and I won't do it. I do often point out things that they should keep an eye on that may cause them problems in the future, and of course I stress it when I see something serious that is other than what I was called out for. I have had more than one customer thank me for not conning them and telling them that possible future issues need to be addressed immediately. Of course we do sometimes run into unexpected complications that will cost more, simply due to the nature of what we do. I try to anticipate and prepare them for the worst case scenario as much as possible, yet sometimes you still can't anticipate everything. I know one guy whose idea of upselling is to not pay too close attention to what else can go wrong, and just quote for the obvious, then spring the additional costs on them when he has everything torn apart. Customers hate that. He does some pretty big jobs and brings in the money, but he also gets more than his share of complaints and generates bad will.
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I give the customer all the options for any job that has the potential for add-ons that will help prolong a product or other repairs or replacements that would be cheaper todo at once if I have to shut down a system or take apart walls or move a ton of stuff rather than come back another time..I explain the benefit to the customer and let them make an informed decision, many times they go with my recommendations and sometimes not....
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