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Originally Posted by ShtRnsdownhill View Post
learn to fukin cook for yourself.............I have been cooking for myself since I was a teenager, mom also cooked when I was around to eat, otherwise I was on my own..
geez after reading through this thread, you all better hope you have females around or you will die of starvation or kill yourselves eating schit food...
I was just telling him he needs to learn how to cook while we were fly fishing in Idaho this summer. His mom is an incredible cook but he didnít spend enough time helping and learning.
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2 pickled eggs for breakfast.. Sometimes lunch sometimes not... Eating lunch makes me sleepy and lazy
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I usually bring finger food like cheese and crackers, maybe pieces of salami, and eat while on the road between calls. I would rather work through lunch and get out earlier than extend the day by a half hour. On the rare case where something needs to be kept cold during really hot weather I'll freeze a water bottle to use as an ice pack and have it as a backup once it thaws. A frozen piece of grilled chicken breast stays good and is thawed enough to eat by lunch. I can't eat a big lunch without feeling lazy either, and I really try not to eat fast food any more than I have to.
I even eat my breakfast on the way to work, usually a bagel. I hate taking time to do things that I can do while sitting in the driver's seat, making the most efficient use of my time.

What gets me about lunch is when I'm docked for it whether I take it or not. The last place I worked they would do that, and in 14 months I can count on one hand the times I actually stopped and took a half hour without working or driving. Despite that I'd get questioned if I ran an errand or something in lieu of taking my lunch, yet they never mentioned the last 100 days where I worked right through it!

Then there are the jobs where you work with other guys and they want to extend lunch to 45 minutes because no one is looking. You try to go along just to get along, but if I sit for that long I don't want to get back up. You have to juggle between being the goody two shoes who doesn't fit in by being the only one to get back to work, but still keep your reputation, integrity and work ethic if the boss shows up.
Then there was the job where I would have to be the one to pull the boss out of the bar after lunch so we wouldn't be working till 7PM. Good times.

I like working by myself, getting cookies from little old ladies and fighting off the occasional a hole customer. Sometimes it's easier fighting the enemy from outside rather than the one within our own ranks.
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Fighting the good fight, piping the good pipe.
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