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He asked me flat out yesterday: "So how DO I save money with you?"

Let me be clear: They asked multiple other plumbers to take on this project and they ALL declined. I have one of the lowest rates in town, and also, a lot of the other guys aren't interested in traveling outside of city limits for work.

They're already getting the best price, and they've taken away the digging part of the project from me now, so that's reduced the labor.
Tell him exactly what you told us here. He wasn't there to see that you were the best value, which is why the previous board chose you. He comes in without researching the history of what happened before, and just wants to play the hero. Some people just have to learn the hard way. So help him. Tell him what you told us, then don't return a call or two. See how fast he runs back to you when he realizes his mistake.
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Originally Posted by Alan View Post

This AM, I got a text from this guy. I was out of town getting the new license numbers on the truck and he texts me just to tell me what a good job I did on this meter install and how happy the homeowner is with how it turned out.

Maybe I should charge double for this high quality work.
you bet your a$$ you better raise the price, or at least thats what you tell him if he asks how to save money with tell him you were going to raise the price as materials went up in price...then they usually back down knowing you can play the game too...
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you can use my line. I love what i do, but i dont do it for a hobby.
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I just blow comments like that off. Sometimes I will jokingly tell them that I am already giving them a reduced rate and I could bill them my regular rate if they prefer. That usually shuts them up and keeps it light hearted. Do not underrate your value to the customer. Plus, if they are someone who truly wants to squeeze every dollar and doesnt value your relationship, time, and skills, they can just go hire that unlicensed craigslist hack and live with the results. You do not want that type of customer anyway.
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You will need to fill in a lengthy introduction

Are you an employee, apprentice, journeyman, business owner?

Tell us if you had to go to trade school. How long?

How many hours or steps(1/2/3/4) before you become a journeyman?

What trade certificate do you have, plumbing, gas, oil, pipe fitter etc? How did you get them, exams, courses, or free in a cracker jack box?

What about your recent jobs, describe what you actually do and what type of building : houses, high rises, commercial building, institutional, oil refineries, paper mills etc.

Tell us about you, some funny plumbing jobs and or horror stories.
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