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Originally Posted by ShtRnsdownhill View Post
well you now know he haggles at every step, thats some people nature, but if he pays in the end with a good check, just beat him at his own game..just for ease of explaining..say you want 2 grand for the job..start at 3 grand and each time he haggles you drop a 100 bucks off the price, some people dont care so much about to total, but if they think they can get you down a little each time they are happy and keep calling you bac..its a game and as a business owner you need to learn and master it and you will win most of the times..
this guy is a repeat customer and if you play the game he probably will be a customer for a long time and may even recommend you to others..or you may never see him again..but either way you got your price and then some..I never go below my bottom number of the minimum I want to make on a job..ill walk and tell the people its not worth my time for so small amount, and sometimes people come up to your amount just before you are out the door..most people want to think they got the best price or got some discount..it makes them feel warm and fuzzy on the inside and thats fine and keeps them happy...
I have no issue with people that haggle, I do it all the time to get better prices or better something...there is no harm in asking, and some people get offended that people dont just pay the listed price..everything in life is negotiable..everything...
It only works when you start flat rate, since I charge hourly it makes it complicated if not impossible because they haggle on that and that's already the bottom line. It's the price for everyone. From the very start you are losing money, there's no starting high and dropping and still make more than your hourly rate.

I hate it when you tell the hourly on the phone and they accept and once on site they try to drop it.

On this particular shower job it was flat rate and I didn't jack the price so he haggle and I could could drop the price twice. I gave him the bottom price and told him his discount price up front. Maybe I should of said 2000$ for the job and have a 1000$ to play down and make several hundreds more than my bottom. Though that much he would of looked somewhere else at that original high ticket price.
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Why is his skin pigment matter to the story?
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Buy cheap, buy twice.
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Originally Posted by gear junkie View Post
Why is his skin pigment matter to the story?
If you don't like that, definitely do not read his soap opera thread.
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