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Originally Posted by goeswiththeflow View Post
Keep asking questions. In my experience some guys will see it as weakness and assume that you don't know anything about anything else. Usually they are the ones who are insecure and aren't very good plumbers anyway, but some guys will be honored that you ask their advice and took interest and they'll soon be telling you more than you want to know. When you find one of them, hold on to him. Stay in touch when you move on. A six pack in thanks for a particularly enlightening day goes a long way.

And moving on is good advice too. A new company exposes you to new ideas. They don't yet know your strengths and more importantly your weaknesses, so have no preconceived apprehension about letting you try some new things. You have to prove yourself first with what you do know, but that's not too hard.

Keep in mind that some guys are excellent at what they do, but just cannot teach very well, and some you can learn best by what NOT to do. There used to be an old commercial that said "You can learn a lot from a dummy." So true.
In my career every time the union asked me if I wanted to go something I wasn't familiar I did, residential, commercial, schools, industrial pipe fitting, oil refineries, hospitals, high rise, gas fitting, heating, steam fitting in paper mills, Installing gas lines in dozen of mines etc I said yes. Every other year I'd be in class learning and passing tickets. Sure I'm not a master in anything but I learned a lot more than the rest of them. I have earned 6 trade certificates in 2 provinces plus my master plumber so I consider that a total of 7.

It was go damn funny when I saw those snickering residential champions run circles around me doing that type of work. It was my turn to laugh when they ran out of work and showed up at the paper mill clueless of how to change out 2 ton spools while I was going there for every shut down and new mill addition for the last 20 years.
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Iv jumped ships to get different experiance.
Third company in 8 years now.
I left on good terms on my own will purly to get different work. I want leaving again to be the last case senerio.
And tbh the next person i work for is myself if that choice is made.
We got a boiler guy hes pushing 60.
I will look into the links an books that have been posted.
I did alot of reading up on hydronics when i was studying for my exam, i think the website was calleffi.
But yeah did the res new construction, commercial, institutional and all the standard service call stuff and lots of turd herding. So i guess im just getting bord and thats when i know i need to educate myself with somthing else.
It seems like employers for the most part will just go out to seek an individual that already has a certain skill instead of paying someone to fumble an make mistakes to learn which i get, its buissness its about the $
So i guess im just waiting for the starting QB to get injured to get called up to the show
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I have a boiler license but it is our state's lowest class (class I or III). It is good for hotel/restaurant boiler/water heaters but limited to btu's. I think the class allows me to work on bigger ones but no experience so I don't.

I would love to ride with someone for a day or 5 and be a helper but no time. Several guys on this forum have offered but always too far away.
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