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Default Strange stoppage

I posted these pictures in the winners thread because of the fíd of piping but I was there for a stoppage. Both of the commercial sinks had standing water but the original construction kitchen sink on the right didnít have water in it. I thought ok, this will be easy. I ran water in the right sink and sure enough I see water boiling in the left sinks so I know the stoppage is further down the line. I dropped the trap and ran the cable through the p-trap santee and about 20 feet out I hit a dead stop, Iím not catching or binding on anything it just wonít go any further. Iím thinking Iím in the dirt with a hole in rotted cast iron. I tried everything as far as moving my machine, backing out my cable and shooting it in reverse to try and get a different trajectory through the line. I couldnít get through with the Spartan 100 so I tried my Supervee to at least punch a hole. Same thing, couldnít get through. I gave it one more shot with the 100 and nothing.

I spent way too much time there but I donít give up easily. I told him Iíll come back with my camera, I wonít be able to see anything since the line is holding water but I can locate it and Iíll know where to jackhammer. As Iím putting the trap back together in defeat I hear the left side sinks drain. All of a sudden everything is clear. I ran a bunch of water and everything is going down.

The only thing I can think of is I cleared the original blockage and all that sludge that I broke up became a soft stoppage further down the line and finally gave way.

I told him we still need to camera line and figure out why the cable wouldnít go past 20 feet. Itís a commercial building so they probably donít care as long as itís draining. Tenant already had a plumber out that couldnít clear it so I was second guy in.

What are your thoughts?
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You have a camera for 1 1/2" pipe???

Here's a theory, your snake was stopped by a hard object and you chewed the soft stuff around it thus it started to drain again. If so it will clog up again.
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if its not a steady customer its draining and thats all they care about, no guarantee on commercial drains and that you couldnt camera it, wait till it clogs again for another chargeable cleaning...
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I agree with the rest; when it happens again do the full service where you cam/locate. It sounds like as long as its draining they will take your estimate to camera and throw it out.
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