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Originally Posted by skoronesa View Post
We have it easy here, the ****ty ones just work for or have worked for roto rooter so those who want a good plumber just ask where they have worked before.

I have known excellent plumbers who worked for rotorooter, and some schitty plumbers who worked for so-called respectable companies. Some guys will take any job they can get when starting out, because they are honorable and have a good work ethic, so will take whatever they can get to get their foot in the door. Do we put them down because that happened to be a bad company who was the only one who would hire them without experience? I worked for one of the worst when I started out because that is all I could get. Anyone who doesn't hire me now because of it, loses out on a good employee. Smart hiring mangers have said to me that they see that I got out of there as soon as I could. They see it as me being smart, not me being a hack just because of association.
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Theres a couple things that bugg me, there are jman out there who dont want to teach the new guys " i dont get paid to be a teacher" these grumpy up on their high horse a**holes.. and theirs employers who dont want to pay 2 guys to do 1 man work.
Well heres the issue with that. Paying the second guy at the one man job is an investment in his future skills to grow into a well rounded skilled plumber so suck it up employers. Not to mention its pretty scummy to send an 18 year old apprentice to service calls an charge 100/hour.
And as far as the guys who dont want to teach...well where did you learn all your skills an knowledge? Some guys just dont want to pay it forward and its kinda sad because theirs alot of meaning an purpose with teaching at work.

So the selfish guys who dont want to teach an the greedy employers who want to save their 14 bucks an hour contribute too a dying breed of skilled tradesman.
And yes theres guys who cant cut it or quite and move on but theres issues within our little fellowship with sculpting the next generation.

Myself on the other hand got lucky. I had a great jman who taught me lots didnt make me carry his bag and buy his coffee. Made me want to stick around and keep learning.
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Originally Posted by goeswiththeflow View Post
Do we put them down because that happened to be a bad company who was the only one who would hire them without experience?

I under stand that not all roto franchises are the same and that my inference was regional, you must understand the same. And while we know the stereotype we hire them anyway and give them a shot.

I have a whole post on roto in my area and what I stated is darn near 100%. They aren't guys without experience. They are usually emotionally unstable divorcées, alcoholics, or just plain messed up in the head. These are guys who have their license, sometimes multiple, and for one reason or another have hit rock bottom and just can't hold down a 9-5 anymore. The last 3 we had who were last employed at roto had owned and operated their own multi employee businesses for many years but lost it all. Some it's tragedy and some it's their own darn fault, regardless the end result is the same.

Guy #1 Had his own company for like 10 years, no steady employees, divorced due to drinking issue, got (mostly)sober after several years at roto. Recently took in his cancer patient mother and thus needs a better paying/steadier job than roto. Well, his issues with his mother cause him to start drinking again. We had to let him go because of all the leaks we would get called back for on a variety of different things. The clincher wasn't actually a leak but the fact he ran to the hardware store no less than 5 different times looking for tubular parts to fix the drain under one customers sink. We get emails from that particular store when purchases are made. He didn't answer his phone that whole time.

Guy #2 Stay at home dad of twin girls for the last 14 years since their birth. Owned his own company for 10+ years, multiple employees until he quit to raise the girls. They started high school so he decided to go back to work. Was with roto for a while then got placed with us by a temp agency. He got fired in less than a week. This guy was a joke, slow as all heck, never shut up, had the short term memory of a gold fish.

Guy #3 This guy we actually really liked. He had his own company for almost 20 years. a couple steady helpers in that time. Had enough tools to outfit two full plumbing/heating trucks. The wife and he turned to drugs(amphetamines?) during the recession. Then they both got clean by the time he was at roto for a couple years. He decides he can swing a better job and is driving an hour to us for work. Wife starts using again and screwing some biker gang members while he's working who she lets take all his tools and then runs off with them after serving him papers. And by run off I mean tells the judge a sob story so he has to move out so she can stay but she is never at their apartment anyway just at the criminals drug den shooting up. He had to resign because of all the days he had to go to court. We told him if things got stable to come back. That was 18ish months ago.

These are the last three guys we have gotten who were recently employed at roto. Roto has the worst reputation around here and for good reason.


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Originally Posted by CaptainBob View Post
In my opinion, the shortage seems to be the cheap hack plumber that is willing to work for next to nothing.

After thinking about this, maybe I should add, the shortage seems to be a good plumber that is willing to work for next to nothing.

Today again lost a job to another plumber that had rates about half of mine. I could have done the job this week, but he is scheduled a couple weeks out. Customer is willing to wait for the lower price.
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