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Originally Posted by The Dane View Post
Skoronesa I am mostly with you on that you can't normally judge a group of people to be 100% something. The part where I'm not quite with you is the fact that because you already acknowledged it as a group you also acknowledged that they all have at least 1 thing in common otherwise it would not be a group.

No you can't say that 100% of illegal immigrants are leeches but you can most certainly say that 100% of illegal immigrants are criminals. It's a fact that anyone that is in a country illegally by definition already broke the law so therefore all illegal immigrants are criminals. Many make the mistake of grouping illegal immigrants in with legal immigrants and then it becomes a wrong statement.

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Well then, we are in fact in 100% agreement. Yes, of course all illegal immigrants are illegal(technically innocent until proven guilty in a court of law but that doesn't change the truth of the situation). If someone does not follow the law and overstays on a visa or crosses the border secretly than that is illegal.

I guess your confusion stems from my purposeful vagueness around the legality of immigrants as a whole. I use "illegal" in quotes because some argue there is no such thing as illegal immigrants and technically speaking that is true until they are convicted. Just like with any crime you have to be caught.

Technically under the law those who cross "illegally" can ask for asylum. There are those who will argue that simply crossing the border somewhere other than an official port of entry isn't a crime because of the asylum laws. And there are those who will argue that those laws were intended for victims of war or dictatorships and not victims of gang violence or economic instability.

These obviously leaves a chance for someone to cross the border and just use that as a fall back story if they get caught. I am sure there are some who seek out border patrol agents to claim asylum, but I am also sure there are those who intend to never be caught.

I think that once you are found guilty you should be sent back to your home country. If you come here illegally again than we should put you in prison and charge your home country for your stay or let them throw you in their prison.

I heard a story of a man on the radio who was here for 26 years illegaly, working off the books the whole time and raising a family. He recently got caught and put in an immigration detention camp. Now the family is crying foul. Well tough titties. He broke the law and got caught. Just like someone who gets a speeding ticket or gets arrested for murder. Breaking the law is breaking the law and your feelings don't matter when your dad/husband gets caught. I say send him back to guatemala or at least charge him with tax evasion for working off the books not paying taxes yet using our public infrastructure we paid for.

There are some very emotional issues where emotions need to not be a part of the equation. Like abortion, regardless of how old the child is unless there is a medical issue you are killing a child. I am ok with abortion in most cases, but that doesn't mean I let my feelings tell me it is something different so I can sleep at night. Most political issues need to be dealt with as a matter of principal. Draw a line where you stand and then follow it. Don't try to make exceptions so you feel better.

Gun rights is another emotional issue for some people. There are gun advocates who will call non gun owners pussies. And there are those against guns who call gun owners would be murderers. People are going to die if we have more guns, that is the plain and simple truth. What we have to ask our selves is how much is our freedom worth? Are we willing to spare some lives to have more freedom? But don't let your emotions cause you to call all of those who don't want guns libtards or other offensive names. There are conservatives against guns and democrats who are pro gun.

Immigration is the same way. Don't start calling those who want more immigrants bad names. They are more than welcome to want immigrants. They just need to do it through the law. I am okay with daca because it was an executive order issued by potus who got the majority vote. That is how democracy works.

There are millions of would be immigrant citizens waiting, how do you choose who can come in? Do you go with who ever has the saddest sob story? If that is how you want to do it than fine but don't lie about what it is. And certainly don't go around the law to let in those you have feelings for. Take the appropriate action and change the law or help those you want to come in navigate the legal system.

You can say I am being politically correct but I feel I am being a-political and courteous. I want to hear all the facts and have a discussion. I don't want name calling, we aren't children in school, we are adults and need to act as such.

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