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Default I remember. 9-11-2001

It's been 7 years but I remember.

How about you? How did the events of 9-11-2001 affect you? (No debate or blatant political stuff please. I am talking about your personal reaction and emotions.)

I had a boiler replacement and repipe job in a hunting/vacation log cabin up in the Colorado mountains. I hired a friend to help me and we took sleeping bags and our clothes along since it was a two day job and it didn't make sense to drive all the way home. I had gotten permission to stay overnight from the owner.

The first day we drove up and worked the rest of the day. That evening we enjoyed watching the elk in the pasture below. We noticed that the only visible intrusion of man was the cabin and the aircraft we saw and heard.

The next morning we got up and made a great breakfast. We were almost done when I spotted a radio and turned it to my favorite station. There was no music playing. Only descriptions of unspeakable acts delivered in shocked tones with heavy tinges of confusion. Some of the voices carried more than a hint of fear. We sat and listened to the radio all morning. Our motivation to work had fled.

It was surreal. Sitting on the porch of a log cabin in the middle of the beautiful Colorado mountains, not an aircraft in sight (yeah, we noticed that), and listening to accounts of mayhem the likes of which our country had never known.

I kept saying. This changes everything. Life as we know it in America will never be the same. I am kinda proud of the fact that almost everything that has come to pass as a result of 9-11 was stuff we predicted that morning on that porch. I am not proud it has all come to pass.
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Hey 22rifle,

How you feeling these days ? Good I hope !

I was starting to get things moving when my oldest son called and asked if I was watching TV and seeing what was going on. I told him no .. your Mom is getting the kids ready for school and I was in the office getting ready to leave. He said I better turn on the TV NOW ! We hung up .. and I did just that. As I did, I saw that the 1st tower had been hit and all of the panic that was going on. I called my wife in to see it and she gasped "what's going on" ? I said I didn't know anything except that it seemed like an aircraft had hit the building ! Just as the kids started to come in to see what had happened .. the 2nd aircraft (Live on TV before our eyes) hit the other tower !?! We sat for the most part in total silence trying to make sense of what we were seeing. We knew it was for real but simply couldn't make sense out of it. I told my wife .. nobody is going Anywhere today ! Until we know the extent of what is happening .. we're all staying together right here !

I quickly went back into my office and grabbed the phone and list of the days calls, and headed back into the TV room. I called all of the customers scheduled for the day and told them I wouldn't be there, and that once we knew what was going on I would call them back to reschedule .. nobody objected.

We sat there glued to that TV the whole day. We watched as our World changed before our very eyes. We witnessed the towers falling and knew there were many people loosing their lives at the moment it was happening. The emotions that were running through me at the time were something I'll NEVER FORGET !

Here we are 7 years later. Many people seem to have forgotten or would like to forget about it and act like it never happened. Some would like to blame the U.S. or Bush or whatever for it happening ? I've talked with many people with those views and frankly .. they don't make sense to me ?

I heard somewhere that the people who did this to us were upset. You see what they really wanted was for those towers to fall like domino's and to take out more like 300,000 and when they 'only' got about 3000 .. it was good .. But .. it wasn't what they were trying for !!!!!!!!

7 years later .. 'if' they had gotten the job done the way they really wanted to .. would people have a different view than today ? To me .. they murdered some 3000 people. Men, Women and Children ! This wasn't any military target; And We weren't at War with Anyone !?! They have said over the last several years that their intent IS to continue killing .. anywhere, And everywhere they can.

I am of Scottish/Irish heritage. My family heritage goes clear back to family members fighting with William Wallace, and continues through to this day. I was in Korea when the last troop's came out of Nam. My oldest son is an F-16 fighter pilot and leaves next Tuesday for his 2nd tour in the Middle East.He's leaving his Wife and their 2 week old Daughter to insure that the Freedom's we ALL enjoy remain.

7 years ago today we were ALL AMERICANS ! Everyone said they would never forget ! We were ALL Proud Americans and vowed to fight the fight needed to stop these people from ever doing it to us again. 7 years later .. the original bumper stickers have all faded away. Many people have forgotten .. many more are working hard to try and insure the rest of us forget about it.

Yes, it IS hard watching, it IS hard thinking about it, it IS something I wish to God never happened ! Yes, I am ex military .. and so is the rest of my Heritage .. does that mean that I Love seeing things blown up, or people getting killed ? HELL NO !!!! In fact I know and have seen more of it than most .. And .. I probably hate it more than most.

The one thing I do understand is My LOVE of this Country. What I do not understand is how .. in 7 years .. have we gone from a Country FULL of people Proud to be Americans .. to a Country where everyone is labeled this or that and reduced to nothing more than a bunch of people acting like they're back on the grade school playground ?

Days like today stir many emotions and feelings in me. I made a Promise to NEVER forget .. and I stand by that Promise ! That's where I was then; And that's where I am today. Proud to be an American .. and praying to GOD .. American's Everywhere .. get their common sense back, and reunite .. As American's for the common good of ALL of Us !
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I got the call from my Dad saying that an airplane just flew into the WTC and that I should turn the TV on. At the time, I was homeschooling our two youngest children and he said history was being made. I was envisioning a small aircraft and when I saw it on TV, I still didn't realize it was a full size airplane with passengers. Then the second one hit.

The enormity of the situation hit all at once. I called my husband at work and told him about it. He was in the middle of a major bid, so he couldn't talk. I'm watching on TV as events are unfolding and my children are asking me what is going on. I felt so helpless because it was beyond my comprehension and I couldn't give them an answer. Then when the Pentagon was struck and the rumor was another plane was on the way to the White House, I lost it. I remember like it was yesterday - I went into my bedroom and just cried. I didn't want my children to see their mother fall apart. The realization we were at war hit and I called my husband and told him I'm sure the bid would be cancelled and that he needed to come home. The next two days I watched TV nonstop. I couldn't pull away.

I had just had a baby June of that year, so hormones were still off. It was the same year Andrea Yates drowned her 5 children. 9/11 was the catalyst that threw me into full blown Post Partum Depression. It was awful because I could find no joy in my own children/life and was afraid to go the doctor. If I went to the doctor, I believed they might take my children away because of the Andrea Yates thing. It was a full six months before I could get back to where I was pre 9/11.

Watching the towers fall, seeing pictures posted of lost love ones, the anthrax scare was almost more than I could bear. I still cry when I allow myself to visit that memory. . .

The pictures I saw that day of people jumping out of buildings, the towers falling, people running etc. will be etched into my memory forever.
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I was doing some upgrading at a trade school. As I stood in lie at the coffeeshop in the school I overheard someone talking about it but thought they were talking about a show. I wandered down to the quad and there was a TV set up with about 200 people standing there watching it live. I went numb as I stood there watching this terrible act unfold. It may have been New York, but it felt like it was happening down the street.

I decided that day that I would help in any manner I could. I am not healthy enough to join the military, so in 2004-2005 I went to Afghanistan with KBR and did my part to help out. I like to think that even though I was not carrying a weapon, I helped make it more bearable for those who do. Cost me my marriage to go..... best damn decision of my life
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I'll always remember that day and each space shuttle crashes. GOD BLESS AMERICA The USS NEW YORK built with 24 tons of scrap from the world trade center.
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I currently have two nephews and a brother in law stationed in the middle east, I have niece that leaves for deployment next month, and I have another nephew that never came home from his time in the sand, I remember everyday, I have to.

My daughter graduates HS this spring, as of now her intentions are to join the Navy for deployment in the middle east and surviving that remain in the Navy at the Naval Academy to earn a degree.
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My emotions were pretty strong at that time. Just the thought some Mommy or Daddy wasn't going to make it home to their babies and the babies not making it home with their Mommy and Daddy. That really bothered me and still does.
My nephew just got out of Afgan and now in Italy. And the ones who are going, still there and ones who didn't make it back. God Bless you men,women, and all veterans who have served.

In Christ,

Song Dog
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I was clearing a sewer line out and replacing part of it when I heard the news
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I was still in HS. I remember sitting in the library watching it. I felt sadness and alot of anger. 5 of us went to the recruitment office and tried to early enlist. 4 of us made it. I didnt, Had 2 complete rebuilt knees by the time I was 17 (football) So those 4 of my buddies went overseas. They all made it back, and kicked a little ass for me while they were there.....
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I was a junior in high school, in intro to chemistry & physics class.

I can't really recall how it came about, maybe we were watching Channel 1 (a tv program for high school students) on the tv in the classroom, or they announced it over the intercom.

I remember thinking it was definitely screwed up and what kinda damn fool (pardon my french) would do something like this.
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