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I use what ever washer the faucet is supposed to have installed in it.
Most faucets take flat washers...
However a few do take beveled washers...
Price Pfister had a laundry faucet that did...
Chicago Faucet used them on some faucets...
And some hose bibbs...

But thats the best I can recall...

I've gone behind plenty of guys that used a bevel on a bad seat thinking they were fixing something...
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I get the feeling some of you may not agree with this but, in the area I'm in alot of land lords are very cheap, they want things fixed as cheap and quick as possible, in these cases, beveled comes in to play. A lot of these houses that they own are old and falling apart. many of the faucets in these homes are in terrible shape but they wont replace the faucet. When the seats won't come out, or in a few cases, I've come across a few that do not have removable seats, beveled can buy the cheapskate owners a few more months than a flat washer. Believe me, I know that using beveled in these cases is NOT fixing anything.
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too many times the bib screw is too short to use a beveled washer. I carry both but use the flats for most of them.
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I have a bib screw set that has longer screws for most every stem. I know many don't care for the quick patch for things like this, but, as I don't work for myself, many times I must still do what the boss And if the boss says make the customer happy, then I make the customer happy.
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Originally Posted by Ron View Post
I know this has never been covered on here, so I thought I'd bring it up, stem washers, beveled v. flat, I use flat washers all the time, is there a reason or an application where one would use the beveled ones?
I learned my trade in a jobbing shop ... All repair work. As a young apprentice I asked this question from my boss Fred Musselman.

Which washer do I use flat or beveled? His answer flat ... beveled are used only when you can no longer ream a seat (not replace a seat) on a faucet. In the early days of faucets seats were not threaded in. The seat was machined in the faucet. As the faucet aged and leaked the plumber had to cut a new seat. That process made the faucet thinner and thinner. As experience taught the plumber to look at that thickness. If you felt that your reamer would cut through the machined area, to save the faucet you would use a beveled washer. Some have talked about outside hydrants ... Those washers were called fuller balls. Same thing as the washer on a vogel no freeze toilet.
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