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Default grease trap install

I have a job that is a small kitchen, ( 3 compartment sink, and a veggie sink) that will have to be installed into a grease trap. MY question being I have never messed with grease traps, as this will be a first, is what will the best size for this job? Another plumber came out and said she needed a 1000 gallon grease trap put in, which seemed a big overkill in my mind, which I might be wrong. So I thought I would get some feed back. Thanks
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I have installed many of them, all in commercial applications so the plans have the specs already and the GC has already purchased them, so I am not sure. I would say a 1,000 gallon is WAY too much for residential. I will check with my code book ASAP and get back.
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What does your code stipulate?

A trap capable of 10 GPM would be acceptable in Chicago.
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Size is based on DFU and you should have a chart in your code book.
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This is right from the Illinois plumbing code on how to size a grease trap.

Section 890.510 Grease Interceptor Requirements

Plumbing systems for institutions or commercial establishments in which grease, fats, culinary oils, or similar waste products from kitchens or food processing areas are wasted, or in which grease, fats, or culinary oils are wasted in connection with utensil, vat, dish, or floor cleaning processes, shall include grease interceptors. All waste lines and drains carrying grease, fats, or culinary oil, in the above type establishments shall be directed to one or more interceptors. (See Appendix E: Illustrations A and B.)
a) All required grease interceptors shall comply with the following:
1) Material and Covers. Grease interceptors shall be constructed of durable, corrosion-resistant materials and shall have water-tight covers securely fastened in place.

2) Minimum Size. A grease interceptor installed on the same floor as the fixture shall have one-half the liquid holding capacity of the fixture. A grease interceptor located on a floor below the fixture shall have sixty percent of the liquid holding capacity of the fixture. To determine the liquid holding capacity in gallons of a plumbing fixture, multiply the length by the width by the height in inches, and divide by 231. Where two (2) or more sinks or receptacles are connected to an interceptor the liquid holding capacity shall be based on the combined volume of the fixtures served.

3) No grease interceptor shall receive the discharge from a food waste disposal or a commercial dishwashing machine.

4) The flow rate of the interceptor shall be sufficient to handle the maximum demand of the connected system.

5) All interceptors shall be installed in an accessible location to permit the convenient removal of the lid and internal contents.

6) All interceptors shall be designed and installed with proper venting so that they do not become air bound. (See Appendix E: Illustration C.)
b) Prohibited Type. Water cooled grease interceptors are prohibited.
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I deal with on occasion the small 50 gallon Grease traps that can be mounted above ground either beside the sink or under the sink. That application is identical to this one. They def need to be set up for easy cleaning but there is nothing to them.
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Most build outs here in the 2 counties close by are pushing 1000 gallon. Just did a little ceazars that 2 years ago allowed a 50 lb under the 3 comp sink --not now. And the specs have changed to put hand wash sinks into the grease line. They still work with you here though. A chinese restaurant that had and under sink one was forced to put in a 1000 gal. The city line was showing excessive grease.
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The counties I work in are cracking down on the restaurants. Just did a Ruby Tuesdays, the place been in business for almost 10yrs with a 1000gal capacity tank. Have to bring them up to 4000capacity. The formula they use here is:

Seats x Gallons of waste per seat x Hours of operation/12 x Load factor

Load factor( Interstate Highway 2.00, Other Freeways 2.50, Recreational 1.25, Main Highway 1.00, Other highway .75)

For other than private sewage disposal systems reduce gallon values by 25%


225 seats x 25 x 11/12(.92) x 1 = 5175 gallon capacity

It was on public sewer so 25% deduct (1294gal) so their tank capacity had to be 3881 gal capacity. We ended up installing 3 1000 gal tanks in the parking lot.

We are working on another place( In business under 4yrs) right now that needs an additional 4500 gallons,already pulled the permit to help the guy from being fined daily, this guy is pissed and fighting, can't say I blame him as the city that approved the 1500gal.(what he has now) about 4 years old, says it does not meet code and they are in the process of shutting him down. It is a mess!!
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Size it according to your code and fixture units like already mentioned. Also your local authorities may have other guidlines you may have to follow.

Ive done a few large grease interceptors complete with inspection ports, new building sewer, etc. The city plays a major role in the requirments though since they are the authority having jurisdiction blah blah blah.
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Some counties in Georgia require a in-ground 1000+ Gallon Grease Trap running from any dept that generates grease, while other counties only require a grease trap of any size to be installed. Small above ground, or big in-ground, doesnt matter. Whenever we add them what we do is always dictated by the county code. Ive seen some stores have both, which causes a lot fo grease related problems very quickly if the traps arent maintained to the letter.
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